About Ty and Tony's LaserVision Landmarks

TnT LaserDisc Landmarks is an on-going project by Ty Chamberlain and Tony Cook to archive and document the early history of the LV system. Both Ty and Tony became LV owners during the MCA DiscoVision era, collecting discs, brochures, catalogs and first-hand information about this exciting early period in LV's life. In addition to LV, Ty and Tony also collect and document other early formats, including V-Cord, Cartrivision, Quasar's VX format, RCA CED SelectaVision VideoDisc, Victor's VHD VideoDisc and Quadraphonic Four-Channel records. Unlike many other so-called "collectors", Ty and Tony still enjoy and use these systems every day, lending a great deal of fun to thier collecting and life.

Ty and Tony live together and look forward to the day when they can have an actual showroom to display these early formats and share thier excitement for the first steps in the home video revolution.

All the discs listed in these web pages are owned by Ty and Tony. Images are taken from Pioneer Catalog's and are copyright Pioneer and the respective copyright holders. This is an informational site ONLY and we are in no way affiliated with Pioneer or any other entity. We do not sell discs nor are the discs listed for sale - they are for informational purposes ONLY.

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