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The introduction to MCA DiscoVision's first consumer product catalog announces to the reader and presumed owner of a new laser optical videodisc player, "you are a pioneer in a new medium." Today with the availability of movies on blu-ray, DVD, streaming download, and endless cable and satellite options, it is difficult to see what would be so impressive about watching "Jaws" or "Animal House" for $15.95 each on your television set via a videodisc player.

When new in 1978, the MCA-Philips laser optical videodisc system was revolutionary and full of promise. In a world limited to over-the-air reception from ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and a local independent station or two, the idea of watching a recent movie that was unedited and without commercials was very exciting. In addition, DiscoVision offered promise of the best picture ever from your television thanks to the format's high resolution, stereo sound, and all at a low cost. The average videocassette in the late 1970s for a new movie ranged from $50 and up. DiscoVision presented movies from $9.95 to $15.95 originally.

Presented here are the titles released, plus titles promised for delivery by MCA DiscoVision. The time period for these discs was late 1978 to the end of 1981. The format was first test marketed in Atlanta, Georgia in December, 1978. Next came Seattle in 1979 and by 1980 LD was selling in Dallas, Denver, and St. Louis among other cities. Nationwide availability happened by late 1980.

MCA DiscoVision

While others may talk about being serious DiscoVision collectors, few can say they were around and a part of DiscoVision and the Laser format's launch.  Our first-hand knowledge extends back to the introduction of DiscoVision in the St. Louis market in the spring of 1980.

Clik here for complete information on DiscoVision mastering and the revolutionary transfer process they used

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