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Catalog Number 9004-80
Suggested Retail Price $34.95
Release Date:  1989

First released on Magnetic Videos label, ''Saturn 3'' was re-issued on the CBS/Fox label by Pioneer Video in 1989. Although all previous Pioneer catalogs had listed the film as available on CBS/Foxs label, until this 1989 pressing the Magnetic Video jacket version was the films only LD release.

The Magnetic Video release was a standard CLV Extended Play disc with FM Analog sound, both U.S. and Japanese pressings of ''Saturn 3'' with Magnetic Video labels and jackets are known to exist. The 1989 CBS/Fox repressing is a U.S. Pioneer disc and uses the same video transfer as the earlier pressing with the only visible revision being the replacement of the Magnetic Videdo opening with a late 1980s CBS/Fox Video logo. While the new jacket claims the disc is CX encoded, CX noise reduction is forced off on players that read disc codes. The sound is improved, however, mostly due to better mastering and pressing. The analog sound has less sibilance and better Dolby surround environment with less leakage of dialog into the back or rear surround channel.

The color of the video transfer has been pumped up, so you'll need a good player with very low chroma noise to make the disc look its best. The video transfer is a full open matte transfer and can be zoomed to its proper widescreen aspect ratio on 16x9 televisions. The pressing is CAA Extended Play with minutes and seconds, but lacks chapter stops.

This 1989 release copied all original verbiage from the early 1980s Magnetic Video jacket. While the Magnetic Video disc is common, this CBS/Fox Video repressing is rather uncommon in comparison. The copy examined was a punch out. CBS/Fox Video was losing its ITC licensed films at the time of this 1989 release and it appears a quick run of ITC titles were pressed in 1989 before the contract expired. Among the full cover CBS/Fox Video 1989 repressings are: ''Raise the Titanic,'' ''The Muppet Movie,'' and ''On Golden Pond.''

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