Magnavision Optical Videodisc Player
1979 1-sheet Model 8000 Brochure
Disc and Player Troubles Part-2
The Videodisc Question
Model 8000 Review
1982 Magnavision Advertisement
1979 1-sheet Model 8000 Brochure
Model 8000 Technical Information

1979 1-sheet brochure

This 1978-1979 brochure advertises the Model 8000. At the time, it was the only printed POP material available to consumers on the 8000 player. What is interesting is, unlike almost any other format introduction, the system had NO official name! Magnavox called it "Magnavision," Philips refered to it as "VLP" (Video Long Play) and MCA called it "DiscoVision." The 'generic' name was "Reflective Optical Videodisc." Once Pioneer released the VP-1000 under the name "LaserDisc", the powers-that-be realised that something needed to be done with the name since consumers were confused about player and disc compatibility. Thus, Universal Pioneer, Philips and MCA created a trade group called the "LaserVision Association" and the format was officially renamed "LaserVision." The group also tightened all the specifications for the discs and players so that they could guarantee compatibility with all products bearing the LaserVision logo. Until the formation of the LaserVision Association, Philips, MCA and Pioneer (Universal Pioneer) all had slightly "different" specifications for disc and player manufacture.

1979 1-sheet brochure back

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