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This is late version brochure for Pioneer Video's industrial market PR-7820 LD player. This player was introduced under the MCA DiscoVision nameplate and gained fame in General Motors' dealerships across North America. GM purchased the PR-7820 and had DiscoVision press demonstration and instructional LDs for its automotive lines beginning in the late 1970s.

Pioneer's name appears later on PR-7820 models, replacing the original MCA DiscoVision name on the player. Never marketed to consumers, this player was the only LD machine to carry the MCA DiscoVision handle.

This brochure is an October, 1982 edition published by Pioneer Video. By 1982, the PR-7820's lifespan was near its end. This is a landmark machine, as it is the first laser optical videodisc player sold. You may click on the page of technical information to open a larger version for best reading.

Pioneer PR-7820 Pioneer PR-7820

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