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Introduced at the same time as the LD-1100, the Pioneer PR-8210 was a $1,500 industrial model with an RS-232 port on the back. Unfortunately, the player did not have the ability to playback Level-II discs, where the disc programs the player via a 'data dump'. Thus, many industrial discs were not usable. The player was used in some of the LaserDisc based arcade games. In 1995, Pioneer discontinued the 8210 from its industrial lineup and introduced it as a low-cost consumer player, with a price as low as $199.00!

Feature-wise, the PR-7820 is the same as the LD-1100, and even uses the same remote. In terms of performance, the player was built a little 'tougher' with an industrial laser mechanisim, slightly higher power motor, etc. But this did not manifest itself in improved video or audio quality. In fact, most of the 8210's seen had just average tracking ability. Scan and chapter/frame search times were the same as on consumer models. Interesting, considering the prior MCA DiscoVision designed (and Pioneer built) PR-7820 had random access times, to any point of the disc, of less than 3 seconds.

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