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LD-660 LaserDisc Player

Introduced in 1982 along with the 'deluxe' LD-1100, the LD-660 was Pioneer's 'economical' entry into the LD player world. While the list price was an 'economical' $600, the reality was that the LD-1100 sold for only $650 or so at retail, making the 660 no bargan at all. Further reducing the value, the 660 had no remote and no interactive capability. It could do freeze frame, slow and scan, but chapter and frame searches were out of the question, thus making any disc that relied on these features unplayable. The player was not a big seller for Pioneer, and as late as 1986 was being offered for as little as $150 to try and clean out the warehouse. In terms of picture and sound quality, the 660 is identical to the 1100.

The 660 was many collector's first player, when they were offered at blow-out prices. Unfortunately, these same buyers now try and claim that they were into LaserVision since the early days when the reality is, after 1984 or so, LD was coming into its prime and the true 'early days' had been missed.

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