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Click here to view in-depth technical information about advanced LV formats.

Although never publically shown, one option, discussed once digital sound was added, was to drop the analog FM audio carriers and introduce a high-band carrier shift to increase the resolution of the LV system. Since the system spec's were set back in the late 1960's, the FM audio carriers were really too close to the lower band of video - thus, by eliminating the FM audio carriers, additional room would be provided for increasing resolution. Such discs would have been 'quasi' compatible with existing LV players - bright areas producing a streaking image due to over-modulation of the carrier. For various reason, Pioneer chose not to go this route and instead introduced the Y/C connector.

While many collectors wanted a higher resolution format, in fact, existing discs barely made use of the full capability the system could offer. Even industrial grade LaserVision discs had virtually no response in the 425 line area (about -16db down), although they did make it out to 380 lines. Pioneer kept claiming that LV was capable of 425 line resolution, but steadfastly refused to provide a test-disc with the required signals to verify the claim.

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