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Highlights of Fox Video on LD
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Sony Little Dreamers
Sony Take Five
Sony Take Five II
Sony Redefining State of the Art
Sony AV Laser Ride On Time

Future Living

Welcome to the future! From a 1980 Pioneer Video VP-1000 player brochure, we see the bright and shiny living quarters of the future. Complete with 1970s silver amps, turntable, audio cassette deck and more, plus our centerpiece VP-1000 LaserDisc player. It appears the future preference was to view everything on a 10-inch montior placed in front of the right channel speaker. Those pointy nick-nacks look less than inviting and I rarely used gloves when operating my remote for the VP-1000, but perhaps I missed this recommendation in the owner's manual. You may click on the image to open a larger view.

This section of LaserVision Landmarks presents player hardware information and images. From the format's early days to the arrival of digital sound in the mid-1980s, you'll find information regarding players. Also presented are various industrial player brochures and information.

Pioneer VP-1000

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