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Pioneer Artists logo

Pioneer debuts its Pioneer Artists label with the summer 1981 releases Paul Simon and Liza.  Subject for Pioneer Artists releases were music-based.  Pioneer's first "The Best In Sight" software catalog from early 1982 includes six Pioneer Artists selections.  Besides the mentioned Paul Simon and Liza titles, Joni Mitchell Shadows and Light, There's a Meetin' Here Tonight, Elephant Parts, and the first opera release The Tales of Hoffman are present in the Winter 1982 catalog and are the first Pioneer Artists LaserVision Landmark releasese.  The opera release La Fille Mal Gardee is the seventh Pioneer Artists offering and the last one to carry the 81 stock number.  Pioneer's practice was to continue numbering releases in order, but the pre-fix two-digit number would reflect year of disc release. 

Paul Simon

Paul Simon
PA 81-001

Liza in Concert

Liza in Concert
PA 81-002

Joni Mitchell Shadows and Light

Joni Mitchell Shadows and Light
PA 81-003

There's a Meetin' Here Tonight

There's A Meetin' Here Tonight
PA 81-004

Elephant Parts

Elephant Parts
PA 81-005

Tales of Hoffman PA-81-006

The Tales of Hoffmann
PA 81-006

La Fille Mal Gardee PA-81-007

La Fille Mal Gardee
PA 81-007

Pioneer Artists logo

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