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Optical Programming Associates, a joint venture of Magnavox Consumer Electronics, MCA VIDEODISC, INC. and Pioneer Video, Inc. was formed with the sole purpose of producing and acquiring programming which would demonstrate the many features of the LaserVision system. The participative discs offer advanced programming utilizing all of the features of the LaserVision system: self-pacing, two sound channels, freeze frame, forward and reverse motion, chapter stops, infinitely variable slow motion and specific frame access, providing a unique home video experience. The response of consumers and critics alike to the first releases has been overwhelming, so the press release goes for OPA's launch.  Great promise turned into some rather bland and average to below attempts at showing the benefits and highlights of the LaserVision system.

Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing
No. OPA 37-602 $29.95


The First National Kidisc
No. OPA 64-619 $19.95

Fun & Games

Fun & Games
No. OPA 74-612 $24.95

How To Watch Pro Football

How To Watch Pro Football
No. OPA 86-515 $24.95 -1981 Release


No. OPA 32-608 $24.95

The Master Cooking Course

The Master Cooking Course
No.OPA 31-615 $29.95

OPA disc label

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