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Inedco logo

A very early independent label on LaserVision was INEDCO, International Education Corporation. This series of six informational programs were issued in 1981 on disc. According to a promotional INEDCO disc titled Inside INEDCO, the company had plans to sell these titles and presumably other future releases in a direct-marketing scheme. INEDCO had a deal with NAP to offer Magnavox Magnavision 8000 players and their own INEDCO discs to people as a new format for education for the '80s and beyond.

INEDCO's disc progam quickly went belly up and no further titles were ever added to these six. Originally INEDCO had announced seven titles. How To Cope With Stress (500-001 $39.95) was never issued. All discs were manufactured by the DiscoVision plant in California.  The six titles displayed are the total output on disc for INEDCO.  All were priced at $49.95, except Joy of Family and Let's Bowl at $29.95 each.

Inedco 35mm Photography

35mm Photography

Anne Byrd's Cookery

Anne Byrd's Cookery

Inedco Basic Karate

Basic Karate and Self Defense

Inedco Developing Your Financial Strategy

Developing Your Financial Strategy

Inedco The Joy of Family

Joy of Family

Inedco Let's Bowl

Let's Bowl

Inedco logo

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