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1978 - MCA DiscoVision

1978 - MCA DiscoVision
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1978 MCA DiscoVision

Here is the December 1978 collection of titles presented to the public for MCA DiscoVision's introduction in Atlanta, Georgia. What an exciting time for home video. Never before had movies been made available for viewing at home with the combination of high quality and low cost. New feature films retailed for $15.95 and titles were nearly all CAV-Standard Play issue. Open top silver foam boxes with the large DiscoVision name were the only way to find an LD title, when you could find them. Response to the introduction in Atlanta, LD's first test market city, was immense. Magnavox's 8000 Magnavision videodisc player retailed for $575 and quickly disappeared from local dealers shelves. People lined up for the mid-December, 1978 arrival at Atlanta stores like Bean & Allen, MacDonnell, and Rich's.

This catalog essential copies the titles listed in the large Silver Book color catalog from MCA DiscoVision. Categories presented included Universal, Classic, Warner Bros., Paramount, Walt Disney, Television, and American Film Theatre for movies. Both Classic and Television sections were made up exclusively of Universal or MCA-owned product.

Non-Feature Film sections included: Home, Sports-How To, Sports-Spectator, Informational, Educational, Self-Improvement, Religion and Moral Values, and The Arts. Titles in the this section included MCA DiscoVision's $5.95 low end retail price level.

No attempt is made at noting what titles are actually pressed, but a general statement does mention that not everything presented is available. A promise is made that the catalog will be fully available by early 1979. For a variety of reasons, the early 1979 promise was never kept.

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