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August 1980 MCA DiscoVision

MCA DiscoVision catalog updates for 1980 included a trio of 3-1/2 by 6 inch multi-fold listings. August 1980 includes a metallic silver face. These catalogs were complimentary and distributed by Magnavox dealers and could be obtained also directly by requesting a copy from MCA.

Included sections for movies: Feature Films, Classic Feature Films, Walt Disney Productions, and Television Movies. Non-Feature Films inlcuded sections for: Home, Sports-How To, Sports-Spectator, Informational, Educational, Self-Improvement, Religion and Moral Values, The Arts, and Music. While it may seem curious today to see a product catalog from Universal providing such a range of non-feature film related titles, it must be remembered that this was the introduction of home video and DiscoVision. An early goal of home video was to be an education and information tool. In many respects these loftly goals faded as consumer interest focused upon only the latest Hollywood movies and studios reacted accordingly.

Future Releases presented in August 1980 included recent Universal films, many still in theatrical release at the time: "The Blue Brothers," "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century," "Cheech and Chong's Next Movie," "In God We Trust," "The Island," "Smokey and the Bandit II," "The Wiz," and "Xanadu." Of this collection, the Marty Feldman film "In God We Trust" never made it to LD and "The Island" wouldn't see an LD release until an Image Entertainment licensed pressing around 1990. A rare announced addition to Television Movies was promised with "The Incredible Hulk," which was never pressed. "Buck Rogers" would be released in the spring of 1981, but this was the PG-rated theatrical version of the NBC TV series pilot.

Disney and Warner licensed titles that were once listed as available in 1978 and 1979 in select catalogs are presented in August 1980's update as coming soon: "Dirty Harry," "The Littlest Outlaw," "Perri," and "What's Up Doc?" None of these would be issued by MCA DiscoVision.

Finally, perhaps the final Non-Feature release is presented here, "The Touch of Love: Massage." This title, complete with two-tone pink labels would arrive in late 1980 with the disclaimer, "For Adults Only" on its jacket.

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