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1980 May MCA DiscoVision

May is the first of MCA DiscoVision's 1980 catalogs, which would include August and October updates. This was the most output of catalog publications for MCA DiscoVision in any given year of its history.

This May 1980 catalog is the first retreat for title listings. Since the format introduction in late 1978, all catalogs had generally reproduced the contents of the launch Silver Book of releases. For this May 1980 catalog, MCA DiscoVision removes a number of titles that last appeared in a Novmeber, 1979 listing. This reality check for the format drops the unreleased Paramount, Walt Disney, and Warner Bros. licensed features. Former MCA DiscoVision catalogs presented Universal, Paramount, and Warner sections within Feature Films. Now a single Feature Films sections contains Universal, and the few pressed Paramount and Warner titles. There are other revisions in the Non-Feature categories too.

New for May 1980 are four movies included as available: "1941," "Coal Miner's Daughter," "The Electric Horseman," and "The Jerk." All were on DiscoVision as CAV-Standard Play releases in the spring of 1980.

For the first time, a coming attractions section is presented. Prior to this May 1980 catalog, there is no known published promise of any titles beyond what was contained in 1978's Silver Book catalog. Recent Universal films, "The Last Married Couple in America" and "The Nude Bomb" are promised for release. Also listed as coming is 1978's "F.M.," which had been present in the all catalogs up to this one, listed among released titles. Only "The Last Married Couple in America" arrives on DiscoVision in the fall of 1980. "F.M." and "The Nude Bomb" were never released by MCA DiscoVision, though both did later see release on LD in the early 1990s.

Music titles coming include: "ABBA," "Loretta Lynn in Concert," and "The Olivia Newton-John Special." All three music discs would be issued by late 1980, but two had simplified titles from what is presented here. "Olivia" and "Loretta" were the actual release titles, when these programs arrive on DiscoVision. Finally, May 1980 calls for "Sensual Massage: The Touch of Love," which would arrive on MCA DiscoVision later in 1980.

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